The Cuisinart Keurig Advantage

Are you a coffee lover and are confused between a Keurig and a Cuisinart brewer? The good news is that both brands have collaborated to bring the Cuisinart Keurig coffee brewer. Now you can enjoy your favorite Keurig K-cup flavors brewed using the best technology incorporated in Cuisinart and Keurig coffee makers.

Describing the Brewing Machine

This particular machine is specifically known as model SS-700 or SS700C. And it’s available both from the Keurig and Cuisinart online stores. It’s a single serve coffee maker which combines the best features of a Keurig and a Cuisinart coffee machine. This machine is fully automated and programmable. Check the water reservoir, put your desired coffee in the brewer, and press the button for it to deliver your coffee in just under a minute.

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Among the unique and noticeable features of the Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker include;

  • the large water reservoir on its left side

  • an attractive blue-lit LCD display

  • 5 coffee volume options

  • quiet brewing operation

  • energy savings mode

  • the very popular K-Cup system.

Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker manual

The K-Cup System

The K-Cup system is the brewing technique invented and is a trademark of Keurig. This system lets you prepare coffee instantly even if you don’t have a basic knowledge in brewing, plus, you can choose from hundreds of different coffee flavors and blends. With this system, you can buy the ready-to-brew K-cups which are available in different flavors. Aside from coffee, there are also tea, chocolate, and other variants.

Instead of you manually pouring or scooping the grinded coffee or coffee powder, you can just place the K-Cup on the coffee holder and the Cuisinart Keurig machine will just puncture the K-Cup on its lid and bottom part.

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The puncture at the cup’s lid will serve as an opening for the pressured hot water while the hole created at the bottom lets the brewed coffee drip downwards. When using the K-cup system, the coffee filter is also no longer needed since each K-cup sold is already fitted with a built-in and disposable coffee filter.

The Pros and Cons

According to Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker reviews, the pros of using these machines are the following:

  • Simplicity of usage. According to existing user reviews, the best thing about this machine is that it is very easy or simple to use. As can be seen on its control panel, there’s a readily accessible brew, rinse, and hot water buttons, just the things you’ll need.

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  • Multiple settings or options. The Cuisinart Keurig brewer lets you choose from several menu options like the brewing time, brew temperature, automatic shut off, programming the brewer to operate in a specific time and date, etc.

  • Five cup size options. Whether you just want a little 4 oz cup or the larger 12 oz, this machine can produce it.

  • The coffee maker is stylish and presentable

  • And that it brews coffee really fast

On the other hand the noted cons or drawbacks of the Cuisinart Keurig coffee machine include; the slightly higher price, issues when it comes to cleaning, and that some are sensitive on the sound the machine produces.

You will no longer have to buy separate Cuisinart and Keurig coffee makers because both of its features are now available with the SS-700 model.